Welcome to America's First Independent Nursing Watchdog Organization and Advocacy Group to Protect Nursing Professionals. 

The American Nurses Union is a private, independent and non-traditional nursing organization based in Miramar, Florida.  When you are facing a potential problem that can jeopardize your nursing license or if you're experiencing problematic issues in the workplace, the American Nurses Union will go into action for YOU!

It's routine and necessary to lock your house and car.  The following are basic safety precautions that the average person practices each day.  It is also a wise idea to practice such precautions with your nursing career.  Let the American Nurses Union take a proactive role in protecting your license, career and livelihood without fear of reprisal!

Becoming a Member with the American Nurses Union allows you to have access to our legal experts and attorneys, who will advocate on your behalf.  The American Nurses Union does not have any Regulatory Power over nurses. However, we work together with experienced legal professionals to help safeguard the nurse's interest when it comes down to protecting your license.  In order to join American Nurses Union, you must simply enroll and pay an affordable monthly membership fee, in order to have access to our resources.  We help by preventing small issues from transpiring into larger issues.  We proactively, advocate for nursing professionals while providing them with the assistance they'll need, in order to effectively navigate through resources and to prevent adverse outcomes against their ACTIVE nursing status.


                               Why Join AMERICAN NURSES UNION?


Many healthcare organizations consider the customer/patient first and that's great!

The American Nurses Union considers the Nurse FIRST! 

When it comes to safeguarding your license and protecting the nurse against unsafe scenarios, that every nurse can attest or witness to, at times, ANU will fight for YOU! We provide you with full access and attention by a certified legal nurse consultant to triage your particular situation; provide you with counseling and support by one of our "NAP" (Nurse Assistance Program) Counselors, if needed; direct you to our affiliate attorneys, if legal representation is needed; allow you to access ANU's fringe benefits and more.  We also won't discriminate against prospective nursing professionals, due to any previous adverse history or active complaints against your license. 

While many Nurse-Driven Unions, focus efforts on better pay rates and may have misleading platforms of what they believe, might be the "significant" problems surrounding the profession, the vision of American Nurses Union, has sensed an urgency to create radical change and transformation. The pace of change has accelerated and the time for change is NOW!  A strengthened infrastructure through unification, empowered by legal experts and resources to defend the rights of nursing professionals through advocacy.


An organization that understands what NURSES needed all along!  Allow the Legal Experts to handle all of the "RED Tape", Tangible and Intangible Struggles and Propaganda that occurs within the profession, in order for Nurses to re-focus on the initial reasons why they chosed nursing as a career-- 

  • To Spend Valuable Time Caring for Patients!
  • To Grow and Move Forward Professionally!
  • To Find PURPOSE While Serving PEOPLE!

                          AMEN for ANU!


Contact the American Nurses Union to have our legal experts and support services there for you whenever you need our assistance.

Hours of Operation: 
Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p. m. 
Proudly Serving: -- FLORIDA -- 
***Coming soon to Georgia, Maryland, Texas, North Carolina, Washington D.C., PA, MA and other states
Associations: Pending Associate Affiliation with the National League for Nursing

                                                    ANU'S MEMBERSHIP DRIVE


Begins on November 14, 2012

**** Be sure to tell your Nurse Colleagues, Friends and Professional Nursing Constituents about joining as Members, with the American Nurses Union. Don't forget to take advantage of the 10% Discount, OFF Annual Membership Rates, before November 30, 2012.